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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Questions you may find useful...

  • What makes you different from all the other property networks out there?
    We’re aware that there are numerous property networks in the UK, some of which we’ve previously been part of ourselves. Aside from our focus on the black community, we believe we’re different because we want to extend the discussion beyond just property investing. Property is a great common theme to bring like-minded people together but we believe that if one understands property then that acts as a great platform to understand entrepreneurism and business in general. Financial literacy is largely absent in many black households and we believe this results in disproportionate numbers of black people with below average wealth. We aim to change that by offering a suite of services involving networking, role models, performance psychology, education and mentoring under one friendly umbrella.
  • What’s your target age group?
    It’s very much part of our ethos to welcome all age groups, and we understand the educational dividend that can be achieved through intergenerational mixing. However, due to certain regulations we cannot accept members who are below the age of 18.
  • How would you describe your education offering?
    Although we have a serious agenda, we believe learning should be fun. Our programs have been designed in consultation with education specialists so that we bring the latest benefits in technology alongside the most effective education methods that have stood the test of time!
  • Do I have to pay to be a member of BPN?
    No, we have a free membership package that means you can be a member of the community without paying a subscription fee. However, one of the best ways to develop your potential and tap into the breadth of what the community offers is to sign up to one of our subscription-based membership packages. It’s cheaper in the long run.
  • If I purchase one membership can I switch to another at any point?
    Yes, you can upgrade at any point irrespective of if you choose a monthly or annual subscription. However, when downgrading you must have held that membership for at least 1 month before a downgrade is possible.
  • How long has BPN been going for?
    BPN was founded by Ayesha Ofori in the autumn of 2018 under the umbrella of Axion Academy with small targeted events, however the first BPN branded events started in early 2019. We are a UK-registered private limited company.
  • Where is BPN based?
    We’re based in London but the strategy is for nationwide coverage. If you want more info on other areas then please email our Helpdesk.
  • Are you a charity?
    No, although part of our focus is on social themes, we’re a commercial enterprise. We believe that many of the best-in-class solutions for the needs within society are driven by the private sector. That said we do form strategic relationships with charities and the public sector to offer our customers a comprehensive and insightful service offering. And an integral part of our policy is to contribute a portion of our profits to charities that focus on the black community.
  • I’m interested in one of BPN’s workshops. How can I find out more about it?
    Workshops occur on average once every 2 months, but we also can hold them more frequently subject to demand. Each workshop involves a deep dive into a particular topic, and lunch is provided for the day. It is targeted at individuals that are looking to learn more about specific subjects as well as those that would like to refine their education and get up to date. It is also a great chance to network and connect with our subject matter experts who you’ll also have access to after the event. You can book through the secure payment portal. If you have further questions then please contact our Helpdesk.
  • I’m interested in investments but I don’t have much money, what kind of opportunities can we discuss?"
    Any investment where you’re contributing capital to third parties may fall under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations. Unlike many other property networks, we work with specialists who have knowledge in regulation to ensure that all of our offerings are compliant with regulations and you can invest with as little as £100. We also run workshops on property investment strategies that only require low (if any) amount of significant capital.
  • Do you only allow black people to become members and come to your events?
    No. While our focus in on the black community, our aim is to address a gap in the market which is prevalent among a particular socio-economic group that have little access to organisations that understand their backgrounds and focus on bringing sustainable and comprehensive wealth creation solutions that have relevance within their lives. Naturally, the majority of our members are black but we welcome people from other communities that share our principles and want to be involved.
  • Can I be sponsor? How does your sponsorship package work?
    Yes, we work with sponsors, but there needs to be an alignment of principles. If you’re interested in more info then take a look at ouir sponsorship page to find out more details or get in touch discuss the packages that are available.
  • Do you offer bespoke events?
    Yes, we offer tailored events for groups that want access to info on specific investments, strategies or education. We find that these setups are highly effective ways of getting access to deep content quickly and are cheaper than our individual mentoring packaging. Based on our data we have seen a significant increase in success rates when people operate as small groups so we are happy to facilitate and encourage such an approach. Contact our Helpdesk for more details and pricing.
  • Can I buy gift vouchers for your services?
    Yes, please take a look at our shop for this.

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